Welcome to Green Pastures Farm!

GregWelcome to the website! Our names are Greg and Jan Judy. We live at Rucker, Missouri, which is 24 miles northwest of Columbia. We raise cattle, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, and chickens on grass pasture in balance with nature. We use no antibiotics, no hormone implants and no grain. The livestock graze rich pasture 100% of their lives.

We use rotational grazing on our farm, which means we constantly move the livestock to fresh rested pasture to graze and let the previous grazed pasture rest so that it can grow back undisturbed. Our pastures are rich in clovers and many species of natural grasses. We use no chemical fertilizers or herbicides on any of our pastures. Large populations of birds, ants, worms, butterflies, spiders & bees build our soils and control pests. » Read More About Us

Ian is coming back in 2018 May 3-5. Sign up early and save money.

Yes another Grazing school with Greg and Ian

May 3-5, 2018 we will hosting our grazing schoo with Ianl. So come check us out and hope to see you then. 

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New faces and livestock to the farm

Check out who is new on the farm, folks and livestock. » Read More