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Ian is coming back in 2018 May 3-5. Sign up early and save money. (Posted: 2017-11-21)

Yes another Grazing school with Greg and Ian

May 3-5, 2018 we will hosting our grazing schoo with Ianl. So come check us out and hope to see you then. 

New faces and livestock to the farm (Posted: 2017-10-25)
Check out who is new on the farm, folks and livestock.

Looking for intern for 6 months starting in Sept (Posted: 2017-07-27)

We are looking for interns for Sept 2017 and  April 2018. Learn about grazing sheep and cattle in mid MO. Are you interested? Contact us for an application.





Drones come to the farm! (Posted: 2017-07-13)
Justin Roads has come to our farm and did some good bloging about us. So check it out.

South Poll cows for sale (Posted: 2016-11-01)

Our good freinds down in Linn, MO are selling some of their females Nov 19. So to all of you who call us looking for stock, check them out. 

Blog TitleHeading to PV3 (Posted: 2016-01-19)
Heading to PV3 this year. We thought that PV1 was great that we are going again. Greg has an interveiw of what he will be speaking on. Take a few monents to listen to it.

Big Round Bale Unrollers For Sale (Posted: 2015-11-19)

bale mover

Selling bale unrollers that are easy to  work and are safe. Don't need big tractor to use it too. Check it out.


Hay vs stockpile (Posted: 2014-01-02)
Hay vs stockpile

We do farm tour at Green Pastures Farm (Posted: 2012-03-08)
Yes we do give farm tours. So please check us out for setting up a time to come visit the farm.

See Greg on youtube! (Posted: 2011-09-21)
Have you wondered what Greg talks about at meetings? YOu can see him in action  here!