The Latest News

The Latest News

Greg's new video for permaculture

Check out this video of Greg for the Savanna Insittutes meeting in Dec. 7-9 for permaculture. Should be a good event in WI. [read more]

Looking for intern for 6 months or a year starting in April 2020

We are looking for interns for April 2020. Learn about grazing sheep and cattle in mid MO. Are you interested? Contact us for an application.





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Greg has a post for On Pasture.

Watch what is going on now at the farm with some much needed rain from On Pasture.

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What should you look for in cattle

Watch this video of cattle size you should look for in grass-fed beef. [read more]

Greg's view on what to look for a grass cattle

Greg's view on what to look for a grass cattle. Read and watch his veiw on how to look for cattle for grass. [read more]

Stockman Grassfarmer is hosting Greg for schools.

Greg is going to NC in Nov 28-30 to give school with Stockman Grassfarmer. Check it out! [read more]

Let's give Blind Star Frm couple Bobbi and Alex a look.

Check out who is Blind Star Farm are here on the farm. They are raising hog and eggs. Bobbi and Alex have been here working in tandum with us here on Green Pastures Farm. Let's check them out. [read more]

Two year old South Poll bulls for sale!

Solar energy harvesters that stay fat on grass alone!

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We do give grazing farm tours at Green Pastures Farm

Yes we do give grazing farm tours. So please check us out for setting up a time to come visit the farm. [read more]

Looking for a bull to improve your grass genetics?

Heat Tolerant, Slick Hided, Grass Genetic, Fescue Adapted, South Poll Bulls For Sale in 2018. [read more]

Big Round Bale Unrollers For Sale

bale mover

Selling bale unrollers that are easy to  work and are safe. Don't need big tractor to use it too. Check it out.


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Drones come to the farm!

Justin Roads has come to our farm and did some good bloging about us. So check it out. [read more]

Hay vs stockpile

Hay vs stockpile [read more]

See Greg on youtube!

Have you wondered what Greg talks about at meetings? YOu can see him in action  here! [read more]

Soil Life Exploding At Judy Farms

Soil Life Exploding At Judy Farms

How many earthworms in 1 cow pie? Why should we care? Check it out. 

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Green Pastures Farm 2011 Newsletter

What have we been up to this winter? It is time to be thinking of spring. Welcome back.
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Harvesting Solar Energy In Sync With Nature

Harvesting Solar Energy In Sync With Nature  Nature is all about diversity. The more species of plants and animals that you have on your farm, the stronger your farm is. How strong is your farm? [read more]

Good story about good grass fed steak article

A story from the Wall street to help the good grass fed steak article [read more]

Teleconference done for the Aussies

Check out the Teleconference done for the Aussies. You too can be down under. [read more]

Grass Finishing Beeves In The Mob

What are those crazy Judy's doing with there cattle NOW. It just can't be right what they are doing! [read more]

Green Pastures Farm Newsletter February 1st, 2010

This is our news letter for this year. Check out what is going on at the farm? [read more]

Check us out on facebook!

We now have a facebook page for the farm.....Please check it out. [read more]

September 2009 High Density Grazing Schools At Judy Farms

Were you wondering how the grazing school went for this year 2009? Take a look at what we did. [read more]

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! GREG QUITS!

EXTRA! EXTRA....GREG QUITS! See what he is up to and tour information. [read more]

Winter Stockpiling and Building Soil

Winter Stockpiling and Building Soil Winter maybe over but it is never too soon to think about what you can do for next years stockpile and reducing your hay cost. [read more]

We Made The Front Page Of The Stockman Grassfarmer!"

Find out what has happen since No Risk Ranching to help keep landowners tied to the farm! [read more]

Web sites that you should take a look at!

Some of the web sites that we use to help us make smart decisions in our farm management. [read more]

More web sites to check out!

Here are more web sites that we have checked out and we feel that will help others. Check them out. [read more]

What happened at our 2008 Mob Grazing Schools!

Just an update on the schools and will there be more? [read more]

Building Soil With “Wasted” Grass

So you have always wonder how we are able to grow grass on good old MO clay soil! Find out how by reading Building Soil With “Wasted” Grass. [read more]

Stockers Know Best !

We think that we know what is best for our cattle but do we! Let your animals tell you what is best. [read more]

WE had a GREAT Vacation to Utah!

See where we went on vacation. Part of planning with planned grazing, we were able to leave the farm for more than 4 days!! [read more]

Check out the youth day article.

Check out the youth day on the Judy farm. [read more]

Green Pastures Farm 2008 Spring Newsletter

Spring has arrived at Green Pastures Farm [read more]

Grass-fed Beef Health Benefits

Things that you should know about grass finished meats! [read more]

Grazing Benefits By Greg Judy

“Holistic High Density Planned Grazing” is the only tool that we use to build our grass-to-beef operation [read more]

Tips from Ian Mitchell-Innes

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The Judy Cattle Drive

We pulled off the Judy Cattle Drive Saturday morning. [read more]

Missouri High Density Grazing Seminar Wrap-Up

October 27th the small town of Harrisburg, Missouri was invaded with over 200 people from 19 states! [read more]

Cattle drive at Rucker

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Missouri High Density Grazing Seminar

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High Density Grazing With Small Herds

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