Recipies & Cookbooks

Recipies & Cookbooks

Charcoal Grilling Grass Finished Meat

We are asked how to cook grass finished meat and now here it is.  [read more]

Boerewors South African suasage

Boerewors! What is it? This is what we have been feeding the folks this year. [read more]

Send me you favorite recipes!

Send me your tried and trues grass-fed recipes for others to try. [read more]

Lamb with Red Peppers and Rioja

[read more]

The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook

Now that folks are starting to buy and eat grass-fed meat, we want them to have a pleasant eating experience. Cooking with grass-fed meat is just a bit different from the corn fed meats. In our travels, we found Shannon Hayes at the Graze-fest talking about her cookbook to help promote and prepare grass-fed meats. [read more]