WE had a GREAT Vacation to Utah!

WE had a GREAT Vacation to Utah!

Hi All,

A little late report, but we had a great time in Utah. I attached a couple pictures or our adventures in the wild. We stayed on top of a mountain for 7 days. It was the most pristine open wild place I have ever been in. We rounded up longhorns, roped calves, branded calves, built a corral from Aspen poles, explored Indian ruins, and trail rode some of the most breathtaking trails and views ever seen. Jan and I stayed in our own wall tent with cots, very comfortable. We ate like kings, Steve made fresh sour dough biscuits with breakfast every morning. We even made homemade ice cream twice, never ate ice cream that tasted any better. The first batch was blackberry ice cream, yummy!

We had one bath in 7 days, taken in a stock tank. I do not think I have ever enjoyed a hot bath any more than that one! I got in on a very wild cow roundup that took place in a monstrous desert like thunderstorm. I was on Peetie the mule and Mitch & Parker (Steve's son's) were on quarter horses. We rode at a full gallop for 30 minutes over sagebrush flats and sand until I could no longer keep up with them on the mule. I finally rode up on top of a small mountain which provided me an excellent lookout of the area. 30 minutes later I could hear Mitch and Parker coming with the renegade longhorns following with bullwhips popping in the air. The wind was so strong that you had to keep your eyes almost closed to keep the sand out of them. There was one very mean longhorn cow in the group that kept trying to run her horns in the gut of my mule. Parker rescued me several times with his bull whip on the end of her nose! You had to watch her constantly because she would whirl and try and take you out.

Steve's Catahoula dogs were priceless in attacking the cattle when they would stop or turn on you. They would run in and latch onto the forehead of the cow and bite. Absolutely no fear from the dogs! Jan and I went with Steve's two sons on a whole day ride to round up a cow/calf pair. I have never been on a more beautiful ride in my life. We rode down a very steep canyon for 8 miles and found the cow calf pair. With the aid of bull whips, just popping them in the air beside the cow we worked her back up the canyon to where the rest of the cows were. It was a real workout to get that pair out of that canyon. I got some pictures of Indian paintings on a cliff on the way back, way cool.
cowboy up
Jan and I were pretty tough by the weeks end, we had to walk in and walk out to his grazing lease on the mountain. It was so steep that I would have been very uncomfortable riding anyway. This is the same trail that he takes his cattle off the mountain on. It truly is amazing how tough the cattle are. Better sign off, have a good day everyone.

Posted: 2008-07-25

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