Teleconference done for the Aussies

Teleconference done for the Aussies

Grahame Rees did a  teleconference and he has made a link to hear it. The following is from a fellow.  Wow, what a inspiring email! It's emails like his that really get me charged up as well. This fellow has passion and spoke from his heart. I enjoyed the teleconference and have gotten some feedback as well. Couple folks gave me their names and invited us to come by when we get to Australia. Also had a very nice phone conversation with one rancher as well.

Dear Greg,

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our group last week – I really enjoyed the call.

There has been some great feedback none more inspiring than the following email I received – incidently this person has been vice president of the NSW Farmers Association the largest lobby group in NSW.


Have just listened to the teleconference recording hosting Greg Judy and was almost in tears over what I think has been the most inspirational and encouraging one hour of my life.

Thank you for providing this opportunity as I head out to begin putting these methods into practice feeling more inspired than I have for a very long time.

Here is that link:

Posted: 2010-05-11

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bill elkins

I am not sure what happened on your end but we were able to listen to the link on a computor that was on line. Any one else having trouble with the link?

Jan Judy-March

Fantastic broadcast, haven't listened to the questions yet. Greg seems to be a natural at speaking ad lib - or was it all prepared? Anyhow it was the most inspirational and informative talk.

Teresa Seed

Hello Greg I really enjoyed the interview with Grahame Rees. Here's a Question do you know of any Grazier running cattle and sheep together at high stocking rates 100,000 to 1,000,000 lb/acre.I'm wondering if the sheep would need more space (lambs under foot in a mob etc).

Jonathan Stover

That would be the ultimate system to have a giant flerd. Not aware of anybody that is doing that. Ian Mitchell Innes from Africa has challenged us for 3 years to combine the sheep into our mob at high densities. He went on to say that we would need to sell the guard dogs to make it work. In other words the sheep have to realize that the mob is their guardian animal or they will not stay in the cattle mob. Any sheep that strays out of the mob is eaten by predators and does not get to reproduce. I am not ready to take that kind of hit on my sheep just yet!!!!! I think Ian is right, but it is tough economics to lose that many sheep to predators.

Greg Judy