Let's give Blind Star Frm couple Bobbi and Alex a look.

Let's give Blind Star Frm couple Bobbi and Alex a look.

We have some new faces on the farm. We have a family who are running some new livestock on the farm. They came last year and have been a wonderful in helping improve the farm. Here is a bit about them.

Bobbi Sandwisch and Alex Weber, along with their young son, Rowan, raise the pigs and chickens here at Green Pastures Farm.  Their farm business is name is Blind Star Farm.  They raise heritage breed hogs in the wooded/forested areas on the farm.  With good land and animal management in mind, they move the hogs to new areas on the farm multiple times per week.  In addition the pigs receive limited access to an all non-GMO feed ration.  The pigs are butchered in the spring and fall and offered as whole and half hogs. 

They also raise laying hens on pasture.  The chickens have access to a shelter that houses their nesting boxes and roosting space but are free to come and go as they please. The hens are moved daily to fresh pasture.  The hens also receive an all non-GMO feed ration.  The eggs are available directly from Blind Star Farm and also sold at several locations in the St. Louis area. 

Contact Bobbi  765-993-8844 directly to get all the information about whole/half hogs and eggs. Or you can go to  blindstarfarm@gmail.com.

Posted: 2018-05-31

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