The Judy Cattle Drive

The Judy Cattle Drive

Hi All,

We pulled off the Judy Cattle Drive Saturday morning. We walked 235 head of cattle from behind Monica and Johns house over to Marshall Colley's farm. We had 8 people total helping with the drive. We had two road blockers on Rt F that were re-routing traffic(only 3 cars)while the cattle were on F. I took the lead of the herd with the ATV, I had about 100 head right on my heels all the way to Marshalls gate! The other 135 were strung out for about a mile. Jan and two other folks were walking behind the herd, followed by a yellow jeep with flashers on. We had another fellow in front of me tying ribbons across roads as the herd approached.

We started the drive at 9:20 and were done by 10:30. We had temporary wire strung across all the driveways and roadside areas with no fence. After everybody reached Marshalls, everybody pitched in and helped us roll up all the temporary fence. We had homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee and hot chocolate for everybody after the drive. It was a great time and everybody that came enjoyed it. Our cattle were not stressed, we were not stressed and we saved at least $1000 in hauling and diesel fuel. With the price of fuel we must start thinking outside the box on alternative methods!!

We have enough stockpiled grass on this farm to last until the middle of April. By this time our pastures should be kicking in gear with green grass. We have a group of meat customers coming out to our farm this Saturday to take part in a farm tour. They want to see how we raise our animals before they buy any meat. This is a good thing, we are more than happy to show them what a wonderful life our livestock lead on our daily moves to fresh clean pasture. We are also hosting a workshop and farm tour for a group of MU students and high school FFA students the first week of May. Going to give them a 90 minute presentation, then after lunch we will go on pasture walks on the various farms. We are excited about the opportunity to introduce young folks to the sustainable practice of grazing grass. If we do not have young folks involved in this grazing movement, it is not sustainable. We need energetic young open minds to take up the torch!


Posted: 2008-03-17

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